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It's an addiction

Hmmmmm, I seem to have picked up something for the k!meme. Again. Time to get to work - after I sleep. At some point.

Dragon Age 2 fic: warning, smut!

Title: Vocalise
Rating: M.  Very M.  
Author's Notes/Summary: A vocalise is an accompanied vocal exercise sung only on one syllable, often "ah".  Anders helps Hawke find her vocal range - in bed.

A thousand thanks to i_notaricon for crazy good beta-ing and general encouragement.



These drabbles are eating my mind.

Notes to self: Hawke, Anders, slow dancing

orphan paragraphs

What do I do with these things? Ugh. Does anyone want to give this a home?

Anders is a devoted and conscientious lover. Even after two years together he still approaches their bed with the same awe and humility as their first time. He is equal parts gentle and passionate, worshiping Hawke's body with hands and lips, holding fast to her and filling her ears with his hot, sharp gasps. He is quiet - he has learned to be quiet - and rarely his voice rises above urgent, low moans and his whispered litany of I love you.

Hawke thinks that maybe Anders says "I love you" like a prayer, as an attempt to ward off the coming dark times. She replies in kind: perhaps the effect is multiplicative. Perhaps, if she loves him as fervently as he does her, the future won't be so bleak.


Ahahahaha I just tweeted with Adam Howden, who voices Anders.


OMG, I think that is the sound of my fangirl heart exploding after being star-struck. I am so pathetic.

what's this, DA fic?

I struggled with this one because I had so many ideas (and Hawke/Anders is so hot I might melt) but here is my first attempt at trying to explain how their relationship had changed, and how the two of them try to hold on even though they're both painfully aware of the trainwreck that's coming. Set before act 3.

Hawke, Anders, and the beginning of the end. In bed.Collapse )

I know, I know, it's awkward in places, I want to fix it but I don't know how yet.

Dragon Age squee

Okay, I'm finally resuming my Dragon Age activities (Jenn, it was really school that got me) and OMG. ANDERS. ANDERS. I am slain. Look for fic. Here, I'll even give you a teaser paragraph:

Bed is their only true safe haven. Bed is where they set aside all the things that don't pertain to their relationship. Here in their downy fortress of fluff and blankets, all in a deep red - Hawke loves red - they are truly free to be themselves. Hawke sees the bits of Anders untouched by Justice among the laughter, the pillow-talk, the magic-tinged touches on bare skin. It's here that Hawke falls the deepest in love with Anders.


Okay, the spam is starting to really annoy me. I get comments and I just now got a message, but they've all turned out to be spam. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these spammers?

Taking out the trash

Slowly, little by little, these things I've been hoarding will come out. Two paragraphs of this was written some four years ago. The rest was finished just now. I want to clear the air. I want to start anew. This is my way of doing so.

It has been entirely too long since Temari has seen Shikamaru. It’s been so long that the best estimate she can come up with is a general one, a ballpark figure numbering in the months somewhere, give or take. Long enough for the seasons to come and go. Long enough for the yearly dust storms to sweep Suna, giving a Temari a welcome excuse to leave for the chuunin exams.

Temari wonders how much he’s changed since the last time she’s seen him.

Konoha is still the same, Temari thinks to herself as she passes through the bustling streets. It’s true, though; Fire country is stuck in a perpetual summer, verdant and wet, and every time she comes back it is a shock to her system. In Suna, the streets change in a heartbeat. Sand and wind have a way of never being stable, not like the trees and solid land that form the bedrock of Konoha. In Suna, one has to adapt, learn to live with uncertainty. In Konoha, things endure.

Temari finds that Shikamaru hasn’t changed a bit.

He’s gotten taller. His hair has grown out and his face has lost more of its boyishness. He has put on some weight, broadened some across the chest and shoulders, and Temari cannot help but imagine what Shikamaru is like under his layers of clothing.

Temari exchanges pleasantries with Shikamaru, and between them a silent promise is made to meet later.

He’s been waiting for this, she can tell. When their eyes meet there is a certain smoulder in them, a fire that’s been built and banked for the better part of a year. Temari watches, amused, as Shikamaru almost loses focus on his work, smirking through every stolen glance, every long breath. She does her best to remain professional. She doubts they are fooling anyone.

When they finally meet, it is like a cresting wave, slow and huge, rising from the sea.

Temari is not used to being prey, but Shikamaru is insistent. He turns those dark, intense eyes of his upon her and the hunger in them ignites something in her blood. They say nothing for a minute, and the silence is broken only by the soft sound of Temari’s indrawn breath. Slowly, a smile creeps up onto his lips. She flushes.

“Welcome back,” he whispers, a promise of things to come. Temari shivers.

Jan. 29th, 2011

Okay, when I don't make any rec list ever in the last few years it means that I have to go and get all those longer chapters and work on them and get them out. Goddamn. Or at least turn them into one-shots so I can clear the board.